Grant Application Checklist

Name of Company : ____________________________________________________

Project Title: _________________________________________________________

A. Tick () for grant applied for:

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF)
CRDF 1 : Commercialisation of R&D output from public and private University (PPU) / Government Research Institute (GRI) by a Spin-Off company ("Syarikat Terbitan University, STU").
CRDF 2 : Commercialisation of R&D output from Public and Private University (PPU) / Government Research Institute (GRI) by a start up.

CRDF 3(a) : Commercialisation of any local R&D by a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME).

CRDF 3(b) : Commercialisation of public sector R&D by a non-SME.

Listed below are all of the information/documents/forms that need to be included in the application package. Please use this checklist to confirm that the application fulfils the basic eligibility criteria and is complete. Incomplete application will not be processed and will be returned.


Tick ✓ where applicable
1. Company Incorporated Under the Companies Act 1965
2. Company Category

a) Spin-off a university/research institution
(Name of Organisation) _________________

b) Start Up : Established on (date) ___________
c) SME
d) Large Corporation or GLC
e) Public Listed
3. Malaysian Equity (more than 51%)


1. R&D has been completed successfully
2. Commercialisation-ready prototype is available
3. Proposed Technology is from one of Priority Technology Clusters identified by MOSTI excluding IT
4. The Proposed product is tangible in nature


1. Signed Grant Application Form (Download)
2. Commercialisation Plan for CRDF/Business Plan for TAF
3. Softcopy of Commercialisation Plan for CRDF/Business Plan for TAF (in Word format in CD)
4. Financial Information (Certified True Copy by Company Secretary)
(a) Last Three (3) Year's Audited Account
(b) Latest Management Account - If applicable
5. CV Management Team
6 CV of Technical Team
7. Itemised Costing on the Proposal Project
8. Quotations (Mandatory)
a) On all costs applied
b) 3 quotation for core items such as machines/equipments above RM500,000 per item

9. Supporting Documents
a) Form 9 Memorandum and Articles of Association
b) Form 11 Notice of Resolution - if applicable
c) Form 24 Return of Allotment of Shares - Shareholders
d) Form 44 Registered Address
e) Form 49 Particulars of Directors
f) For TAF: Technology Transfer Agreement
  1. Agreement availability : Draft copy / Signed copy
  2. a) Licensing of Technology
    b) Outright Purchase of Technology
  3. Amount of Licensing specified
  4. Market territory specified
  5. Royalty specified
  6. Duration specified
  7. Exclusivity specified
  8. Payment Schedule
  9. Project Milestone
g) Manufacturing License from MITI (if applicable)
h) Pioneer Status from MIDA (if applicable)
i) Business License from the relevant Authorities
j) Original Copy of Company Profile from Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)
k) Bankruptcy Declaration Document from Jabatan Insolvensi
l) One Copy of All the document. Please appropriately use a 2 hole file with 1-2 inch thickness
m) Certified True Copy of all the Supporting Documents

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