Q1: What is CAS?
CAS refers collaborative, advisory and consultancy services offered by MTDC to those technology-based companies that are interested in technology commercialisation programmes.

Q2: Who will benefit from CAS? 
Any technology-based companies may benefit from CAS as MTDC provides its services not only to local players but also helps promote these technologies to international clientele as well.

Q3: What types of technologies are MTDC looking into for CAS?
MTDC is open to all types of technologies as long as it's viable, has potential business growth and provides a good return of investment.

Q4: What kinds of markets or countries is MTDC targeting under CAS promotional activities?
MTDC is looking into emerging markets such as South Asia and East Asia as these markets are developing their commercialisation ecosystems. In addition to this, MTDC is always on the lookout for potential businesses that involves collaboration, research and development (R&D), technoprenuership programmes and commercialisation development.

Current countries that MTDC is looking into include Egypt and Sri Lanka. Potential markets in the future include Oman and South Africa.

Q5: How do technology and entrepreneurship development organisations benefit from CAS?
Collaborations by organisations that are responsible for their countries’ technology and entrepreneur development, such as the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) for Egypt and the National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA) for Sri Lanka, with MTDC provide opportunities for these agencies to share technologies, knowledge, strategies and even policies. All the countries involved can learn and benefit from each other’s experiences and expertise. Thus, bilateral partnering or collaboration with Malaysian companies will give better understanding on the whole commercialisation ecosystem and enable them towards a wider market access.

Q6: How can technology and entrepreneurship development organisations collaborate with MTDC?
Interested technology and entrepreneur development organisations may collaborate with MTDC through our Government-to-Government (G2G) connections and by creating bilateral relationship among countries. MTDC also offers its consultative and technical services to these organisations. Another channel is via market access opportunities resulting from G2G meetings and discussions. MTDC will share its technology expertise and knowledge knowhow to those countries that are interested in learning more about MTDC’s services & offerings.

Q7: How does MTDC promote closer relationships with other countries through CAS?
MTDC is currently promoting its services to other organisations to other countries via CAS. CAS is also working closely via Government-to-Government (G2G) arrangement to promote bilateral and multilateral relationships. This effort bodes well with the objective of showcasing our expertise through government-backed programme.

Q8: What would Malaysia gain internationally from CAS?
The whole idea of CAS being promoted internationally is to gain potential markets for technology-based companies from other growing economies and access to the new market abroad. Thus CAS is part of MTDC’s international initiative to promote, cooperation on technology transfer and commercialisation with several countries especially with OIC members and some other potential partners.

Q9: What would Malaysian companies learn from CAS?
Collaboration efforts via CAS would provide huge opportunities for Malaysian technology-based companies to achieve breakthroughs in their invention and innovation through R&D and intellectual property to be known and exported overseas. This will provide better learning opportunities for Malaysian technologies as MTDC will provide the gateway for them to penetrate new market access and create more business opportunity for them. Therefore, CAS’s role is as advisor and collaborator in getting Malaysian into new marketplace, especially in promoting commercialisation ecosystem and the best practice model suitable for the respective countries. Ultimately, this will translate into a proven technopreneurship programme.


Q1: Who can benefit from MTDC’s technology connection services?
We are looking to help:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with plans to expand into the new markets;
  • Companies already exporting to expand their client base; and
  • Companies looking for potential clients, customers, suppliers, investors or partners.

Q2: How will MTDC help to set up a business match for our technology/product?
Via our Technology Connection unit, we help businesses to link up with other businesses, investors and partners, both locally and abroad. Our focus is to help homegrown technologies finding new customers and investment for further market expansion of their products/technologies by tapping into new markets.

Q3: Our company is considering expanding overseas to market our technologies. How can MTDC help?
MTDC is looking at growing and/or rapidly expanding markets. Recent markets that we have expanded into include Egypt and Sri Lanka. Examples of our activities in these new markets include a recent Technology Business Matching workshop in Cairo, Egypt with business matching sessions between Malaysian technology companies and Egyptian businesses/investors.

Q4: Who will we have access to during the technology business matching?
During our technology business matching sessions, you will have access to various national and international business and government decision makers, including:

  • Corporate executives and business leaders
  • State and national government leaders and representatives
  • Policy decision-makers
  • Key industry players (potential buyers and customers)
  • Investors
  • University researchers and technologists

Q5: How does MTDC facilitate technology transfer?
With technology transfer, we work at assisting the entrepreneur in transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing and facilities among governments, universities and other institutions to new users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products or services.

Q6: How do we procure financial assistance for our market expansion activities?
Besides MTDC’s various commercialisation support grants e.g. technology acquisition (please refer to our Fund Management webpage for more information about these grants), MTDC will also assist the technology companies expanding abroad in fund-raising activities and applying for reimbursement of trade mission expenses with various trade agencies.

Q7: What types of technologies will MTDC provide technology matching and technology transfer advisory services for?
MTDC is open to all viable technologies with high potential commercial value. Examples of technologies include (but not limited to) clean technology, environmental management, food and agribusiness, infrastructure, innovative manufacturing, marine technologies, and telecommunications.

Q8: What if we are looking for new technologies?
We have access to most of the universities and research institutions in Malaysia, and will be able to assist entrepreneurs seeking to commercialise or license homegrown technologies. Some of the top universities and research institutions in Malaysia already have existing collaborations with MTDC via the Technology Development Centres, e.g. UPM, UKM, UTM and FRIM.

For technologies from abroad, MTDC also has a Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF) to facilitate eligible Malaysian companies in the acquisition of foreign technologies for immediate incorporation into the company’s manufacturing activity.

Q9: Will MTDC guarantee investment and/or commercialisation for our technology/product?
No. The Technology Connection Unit (TCU) is a technology and business matching services provider. As such, TCU will provide our fullest assistance by generating leads and introductions to suitable partners and investors for the entrepreneur’s technologies. We will work towards helping the entrepreneur in closing a deal or securing further investment but cannot guarantee it.

Q10: Our company is not ready to export our products/technologies yet. Should we still contact MTDC?
Yes, you should. We can provide your company with valuable insight into the current value of your technology, and if viable, access to our international network of contacts, which allows you to explore possible new market opportunities.

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