BSF List of Approved Companies

As at August 2014
No. Company  Project Title Approved Date
1 Majestic Offshore Sdn Bhd Manufacturing of high resolution intelligent pigging equipment for the provision of oil and gas pipeline inspection services 9-Jul-14
2 CMS Consortium Sdn Bhd “Commercialisation of Cohesive Mobility Solution (COMOS)”  2-Apr-14
3 RVR Diagnostics Sdn Bhd Manufcture HIV and Syphilis Diagnostic Test Kits 2-Apr-14
4 Neopeutics Sdn Bhd 
Commercialisation of the CHEMOMAP technology platform with accompanying development of full early-stage drug discovery capabilities
5 Euro Circuit Technology Sdn Bhd    Production of a 100% biodegradable water based degreaser – BIOSOLV®  28-Jan-14
6 Leonix Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of non-sterile orthopaedic implants, instruments and accessories 23-Apr-13
7 Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd To mass produce and commercialise special nuggets / chip using innovative processes 5-Oct-12
8 Bionestro Sdn Bhd To build a SPF bio-secure nucleus breeding centre facilities for Peneaus monodon in Malaysia 5-Oct-12
9 Atiqs Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of new innovative mechanical seal and carbon products for rotating equipment oil and gas, power generation and rolling stocks application in Malaysia
10 Petroleum Conservation Sdn Bhd Genuine OEM coolants utilizing membrane water filteration system for oil and gas industry
11 Auto MasterCop Sdn Bhd Establishing a platform of money transfer system to facilitate inter countries micro payment transfer 29-Feb-12
12 MIFF Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd Clay powder manufacturing 29-Feb-12
13 Nilai Coated Abrasives (M) Sdn Bhd Manufacturing of coated abrasives 9-Nov-11
14 KPC Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Establishment of kenaf polymer composite (KPC) profiles pilot plant 7-Oct-11
15 ScienceGates Biotech Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of the biomass, active ingredients and health supplement products from microalgae
16 Eastern Global Agrotech Sdn Bhd Extraction of collagen from Taro Roots (SATOIMO) 27-Jul-11
17 Axilent Sdn Bhd Multi-Functional Interlocking panel - A modular composite pallet 27-Jul-11
18 Dynamic AgroFarm Sdn Bhd To produce semi-finished products in the form of kenaf bast, kenaf fiber and kenaf mesh powder 10-Jun-11

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