Q1: How many Technology Development Centres are there under MTDC, where are they located and what is the focus area?

MTDC Technology Centre Location Focus Industry
1. UPM-MTDC Serdang, Selangor ICT & Biotechnology
2. UKM-MTDC Bangi, Selangor Biotechnology
3. UTM-MTDC Skudai, Johor Advanced Engineering & Life Sciences
4. FRIM-MTDC Kepong, Selangor Life Sciences & Herbal Products

Q2: Which one of MTDC Technology Centres is awarded with a Cybercity/ CyberCentre Status?
UPM-MTDC Technology Centre is awarded with CyberCentre Status.

Q3: I have equipment that is sensitive to power disruption. Does the Technology Centre offer 100% electricity backup using generator set?
Yes, 100% generator set backup is available at UKM-MTDC and UPM-MTDC TIC1 Centre’s. We are planning to extend 100% generator set backup for the other Centre’s in the near future.

Q4: Who is responsible for the maintenance of the technology centre?
The Infrastructure and Project Unit of MTDC Technology Centre is responsible for the maintenance of common areas within the centre. However, tenants shall maintain their own premises at their own cost.
For feedback or complaints regarding maintenance issue, please log on to our website at www.mtdc.com.my or e-mail us at comms@mtdc.com.my for our immediate response.

Q5: How does MTDC ensure the security of the companies within the technology centre?
MTDC Technology Centre engaged 24/7 security services to monitor the safety and security of the tenants within the centre. If you need further clarification on this or have specific safety requirements, kindly contact our staff at the respective Centre’s Management Office or e-mail us at comms@mtdc.com.my

Q6: What type of furnishing is provided within each premise?
All units are provided with basic finishes (painted walls, cement rendered floors and gypsum ceiling board) with lightings and power points in good working condition.
Internal renovation or installation of machinery and equipment (other than air-conditioning units) or outside of the office premises requires written consent from the management.
Upon termination of the tenancy agreement, the premise shall be returned to the Management office in its original condition. Demolition and dismantling works shall be borne by the tenant.

Q7: What are the shared facilities offered to tenants?
Among the services and facilities offered include meeting room, boardroom, training room and seminar hall of various sizes. Most of the rooms are equipped with LCD projector, writing board, flip charts and basic meeting room items. Other specific requirements will be made available upon request at a minimal cost.

Q8: What are the other facilities offered at the technology centre?

Facilities offered for office and lab may vary from one centre to the other.
Facilities provided include open spaces; wet lab and dry lab including cold room, chemical store, product store, dry store, wash area and lab bench.
Other facilities are cafeteria, free parking space, prayer room, gymnasium, resource centre, recreation area and auditorium.

Q9: Am I allowed to use the auditorium or other facilities that are available at other MTDC Technology Centres?
Yes, one of the advantages being a tenant of MTDC Technology Centre is that we allow cross-usage of other facilities at any of our centres. This advantage shall prevail for as long as you are a partner of our centre.

Q10: Are the any charges imposed to use the facilities?
Yes, there are minimal charges imposed. However, some facilities are complimentary. Consult any of our team at the Management Office to learn more about this.

Q11: How to book the facilities at the Technology Centre?
Log on to www.mtdc.com.my or  e-mail  us at comms@mtdc.com.my  to book any of the shared facilities. Facilities are available based on earliest booking made via our on-line booking maintenance system.

Q12: Can an outsider use the facilities at the MTDC Technology Centre?
Yes, we do rent selected facilities to the public. However, tenants will be given first priority on usage rights. Please speak to our center Management team for more information or log on to www.mtdc.com.my or  e-mail  us at comms@mtdc.com.my   for details.

Q13: What type of premises is available in MTDC Technology Centre?

Type Technology Garage (TG) Enterprise Data Centre Technology Garage Enterprise Technology Garage Enterprise Technology Garage Enterprise Wet Lab Dry Lab

Q14: How big is the space size and what is the rental rate?

Size From 540 sq ft From 105 sq ft From 520 sq ft From 390 sq ft
Rate                         (RM/ sq ft) From RM2.50 From RM2.00 From RM1.00 From RM1.80

Q15: What are the general admission criteria?

  1. Malaysian company incorporated under Companies Act 1965.
  2. A minimum paid up capital of RM20, 000.
  3. A technology-based company.
  4. To be in operation in the past three (3) months.

Q16: What type of premises is available in MTDC Technology Centre?

3 months
Min. RM300.00
Min. RM1, 000.00
Min. RM300.00

Q17: Can an outsider use the facilities at the MTDC Technology Centre?
The application form can be downloaded from MTDC website www.mtdc.com.my or e-mail us at comms@mtdc.com.my
The submission of the application form with complete supporting documents are to be sent to our management office at Block L, UPM-MTDC Technology Centre, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor

Q18: If I am a tenant at the MTDC Technology Centre, will it be easier for me to obtain any of the MTDC funding facilities?

Funding facilities are open to all regardless they stay within or outside of the MTDC Technology Centre. However, there are many benefits to be enjoyed as tenant; such as host of value added services, which can compensate funding’s alone.

Q19: What is the advantage for my company to reside at the MTDC Technology Centre?

  • Collaboration and Networking opportunities among SME’s, Universities, Research Institutions both locally and internationally.
  • Cross usage of facilities at all MTDC Centres at a special rate
  • Opportunity to use other Universities and Research Institution’s laboratory and scientific equipment at a special rate
  • Opportunity to participate in internship placement programs from local or overseas universities students
  • Access to advisory services on technology connection, fund raising and many more.

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