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Mini Research Grant

Mini Research Grant


The MTDC Mini-Research Grant is dedicated to support empirical and field-research in areas relevant to MTDC’s core business, including, but not limited to commercialisation of R&D, technology transfer, technology entrepreneurship and innovation.


MTDC Research Grant Objectives

The objectives of the MTDC Mini-Research Grant are:

  • To support the generation of data on MTDC’s programmes, services and activities.
  • To support research that will generate new knowledge on commercialisation of R&D, technology transfer, technology entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • To create data base and research capabilities on technology commercialisation & transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation, which would be of great importance and utility at local and national level for policy decisions on technology commercialisation and transfer; and
  • To create awareness and promote intellectual discourse among researchers on commercialisation of R&D, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation through empirical and field-research undertaking.


Eligibility Criteria

1. The MTDC Research Grant is open to all researchers who are employed on a permanent or contractual basis from the following organisations:

  • Government Research Institutions; and
  • Public & Private Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) with accredited research programmes.

2. Contract researchers will be required to furnish proof that their employment contract is valid throughout the research period proposed.

3. Expatriates are eligible to apply for the MTDC Mini-Research Grant subject to having a permanently employed, Malaysian co-researcher from the same institution on the research team.

4. A researcher can lead only one (1) project at any time, and must submit an End of Project Report before submitting a new application.


Selection Criteria

Approval of research projects to be funded by the MTDC Mini-Research Grant is subject to the following conditions:

  • Scientific and technical merit: The project must be scientifically sound, technically feasible and with achievable milestones.
  • Research competence: The research team must be able to demonstrate that the team possesses sufficient knowledge and competence to carry out the research successfully to completion.
  • Impact to MTDC: The project has clear and measurable expected outputs and outcomes that will benefit either directly or indirectly to MTDC.


Project Duration

The maximum allowable duration for a project is 24 months.



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