Rental Information for UTM-MTDC Technology Centre

UTM-MTDC Technology Centre focuses on biotechnology and advanced engineering. Currently lots are divided into 2 main types, namely Technology Garage(TG) and Enterprise. The TG lot with lettable area of 440 sq/ft is suitable for small office and RND activities. While the Enterprise lots are for bigger companies with lettable area from 1000sq/ft up to 5000 sqft. The incubator is managed by the department of Technology Incubator Management (TIM).

1. Lease Periods:
i) TG: 6-months and next renewal of 6-months.
ii) Enterprise: 1 year and next renewal of 1 year.

Note: The management reserves the right to reject further renewal application.

2. Lease Commencement
As stated in the Letter of Offer and Tenancy Agreement.

3. Tenancy agreement
Duration of the agreement is 6 + 6 Months for TG and 1 + 1 Year for Enterprise from the commencement date of the tenancy agreement. Any cost associated with the preparation and enforcement of the Tenancy Agreement including stamp duty and legal fees shall be borne by the tenant.

4. Rental Deposit
i) TG : 6-Months rental paid in advanced from the commencement date.

i.e: RM1.50 per sqft x 500 sqft x 6-Months = RM 3,960.00

ii) Enterprise : 3-Months rental deposit for Enterprise lots.

5. Utility Deposit
i) TG : RM 300.00 (fixed)

6. Rental Rates
i) TG --- RM 1.50 / sqft
ii) Enterprise --- RM 1.00 / sqft.

7. Electricity Expenses
Tenants will be billed according to electricity usage.

8. Internet Service
Internet service is provided free of charge to all the block ,however it is tenant responsibility to add their own network equipment such as network switch/ hub/ router.

9. Water Bill
There is a prepaid charge of RM50 (6-Months period) for the water bill at the TG only. Any Enterprise Lots with individual sub-meter will be billed according to usage.

10. Telephone Lines
Tenants need to apply their telephone service directly to the providers such as Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

11. Premise Setup
All lots are as it is with bare building without carpet, grill, security systems, partition, etc. It is the tenant?s responsibility to clear up all add-on upon termination of the tenancy. However, basic lighting will be provided and maintained. Any dismantle cost by the management will be deducted from the deposits.

All internal renovation design needs to get written permission from the management. Any machinery and equipment (other than air-conditioning units) outside the office premises require written consent from the management.

12. Security
There will be security guards on-duty 24 x 7 for maximum and tight security measure within the gated area.

13. Parking
Tenants will enjoy free open parking lots at the gated area. However, visitors parking have a dedicated area. Tenants will be provided with parking decals to allow them to park close to their premises.

14. Termination Option
Tenants will have the right to terminate the tenancy after the initial term of 1 year at TG and 2 years at Enterprise lots by providing 3 months written notice to MTDC.

15. Premise Usage
Tenants shall use the premise for general and administrative purposes that is reasonably related to its business operations. They can operate its businesses 24 hours.

16. Sub-letting
Tenants would not be allowed to sub-let the premise to any third party in any condition what so ever.

17. Signage
Internal signage is only allowed on the entrance of the said premise. External signage is allowed on the allocated information board. The external signage will be provided by the management.

18. Hazardous Substance
Hazardous construction materials within the buildings would not be allowed.

For further enquiries & application form:

Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
Incubator Services
Block L,
UPM-MTDC Technology Centre,
Universiti Putra Malaysia,
43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor.

Tel : 03-8941 4100
Fax : 03-8941 4200
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