RMK-10 TAF List of Approved Companies

RMK - 10 Approved companies (post 6 July 2012 until 31 Dec 2013)
No Company Project title Date Approved
1 Eclimo Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of Electric Scooter-Model ES11 7-Nov-12
2 Clicks Network Sdn Bhd Acquisition of Technology to Manufacture Inspector 101, An Ultrasonic Detection System to Detect Defects on Distribution Lines  24-Dec-13
3 RVR Diagnostics Sdn Bhd Acquisition of Technology for Point of Care Test for HIV, Syphilis & Development of POCT for Dengue Fever 30-Aug-13
4 Precision Mode Sdn Bhd Acquisition of Advance Industrial Textile Digital Printing 30-Apr-13
5 Jaring Metals Industries Sdn Bhd Acquisition of Technology for Production of High Grade Non-Ferrous Metal From Industrial Waste 30-Apr-13




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