In a globalised economy that is increasingly changing the way businesses look at their long term prospects, it’s extremely crucial for Malaysian technology-based companies to have broad reach locally and vast access globally. With technology rapidly evolving, it’s pertinent for these businesses to employ the right development, branding and  strategies to overcome a variety of challenges and deal with stiff competition that this industry presents almost on a daily basis


With technology continuously evolving and the market’s incessant demand for better and more responsible solutions, the need for constant innovation is paramount.

Technology Advisory Services Unit plays an important role in assisting companies increase their competitiveness through technology acquisitions or upgrades. The unit assesses technological needs of the companies, and then connects them with relevant providers to ensure that they retain their competitive edge in securing holds in the market.


With the simple objective of putting businesses on the right path, the Business Advisory Services Unit provides linkages and connections to essential partners and organisations, both local and international. Asssistance is also provided for companies to review their business strategies, explore new marketing plans and assess alternative business models.

Additionally, when time is ripe for expansion or to increase production stakes, companies need access to greater financial resources. The unit helps companies go beyond the funds and grants provided by MTDC by linking and proposing them to financial institutions to acquire more funds