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CRDF is for the funding of commercialisation activities of locally developed technologies undertaken by Malaysian-owned companies. The technologies can be those developed by the public sector or an output of in-house research and development (R&D) activities by the companies.


Market Validation of R&D


commercialisation of any local R&D by local SME;


commercialisation of any local R&D by a ‘non-SME’ or large corporation

Eligibility Criteria

  • The company is incorporated under the Companies Act 1965;
  • The company must be at least 51% Malaysian-owned;
  • The proposed technology to be commercialised must be from one of the Priority Technology Clusters identified by MOSTI; and
  • The R&D must have been completed successfully and a commercial-ready prototype is available.

CRDF 3 provides funding in the form of partial grants with a maximum of RM4,000,000 or 50% of the eligible expenses (whichever is lower)

a)  Equipment

Cost of the purchase of equipment for Production and Quality Control

Quantum of funding: Up to 70% of equipment cost.

b)  Technology

Cost of technology/consultation/training

c) Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

Cost of advertisement and promotion

Cost of website design and development

Cost of product launching

d) Intellectual property and standards compliance

Cost of certification and standards compliance

Cost of IP registration and protection

Cost of product registration

e) Value added services

Financial, marketing, business and technical advisory services from MTDC’s Advisory and Value Added Services division.

From 12.5% to 20.0% of the total approved amount excluding AVAS fees

Zero interest payment to start from the third year on instalment basis for a period of not more than 24 months

  1. CRDF 1
    • Six (6) to twelve (12) months
  2. CRDF 2 & 3
    • 4 years (2 years Implementation and 2 years Payback period)

Evaluation Process


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