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Technology Acquisition Fund

Acquisition of Foreign Technologies

TAF Introduction

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF) is for the funding acquisition and commercialisation activities of foreign technologies undertaken by Malaysian-owned companies. The technology to be acquired has to have already been proven in the country of origin. Additionally, the technology can and will be immediately incorporated into the applicant’s production processes.

“The capabilities to receive technology within the right ecosystem for its adoption and subsequent maneuvering is among the success factors of a technology acquisition activity. We offer the complete ecosystem within which the probability of success is increased.
– Mariatini Othman, Senior Vice President

Eligibility Criteria

  • The company is incorporated under the Companies Act 2016;

  • The company must be at least 51% Malaysian-owned;

  • The company qualifies as an SME according to the guidelines on new SME definition 2013 by SME Corp. Malaysia;

  • The proposed technology acquisition must be from one of the Priority Technology Clusters identified by MOSTI;

  • The technology to be acquired must be a registered Intellectual Property (Patent/Copyright/Industrial Design) with proven and significant sales volume in the country of origin;

  • The technology provider must not hold any equity in the applicant’s company.

  • A draft agreement outlaying clearly the clauses (for e.g. licensing fees, royalty, exclusivity, market territories, arbitrary, duration, payment schedule, project milestones and exit clause etc.) between the Technology Provider and the Company (Technology Recipient) is mandatory before applying for the TAF fund.

The acquisition of technology could be in the form of acquiring know-how / rights / blueprints of a registered Intellectual Property via one of the following methods:

  • Licensing or acquisition of technology; and/or

  • Purchase of proprietary or directly related manufacturing equipment

  • RM 4,000,000 or 70% of the eligible expenses (whichever is lower) in the form if partial fund (combination Convertible Promissory Note [CPN] and grant) as below:-

    1.  For licensing of technology; and/or
    2. Proprietary or directly related manufacturing equipment

  • Funding via Convertible Promissory Note (CPN) will require repayment on installment basis over 4 years with an option to convert to Redeemable Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares (RCCPS)

  • 6 years (2 years Implementation and 4 years payback monitoring)

TAF Recipients

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