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Evaluation Process

The evaluation process involves three main phases which takes an average of twelve weeks. The process starts upon receipt of an application form together with detailed commercialisation/business plan and other supporting documents.

The phases of processing of applications are as shown below:

STEP 1 : Screening

STEP 2 : Evaluation

STEP 3 : Approval

Screening of Application

This process is to ascertain whether the application and documents submitted fulfill the set basic eligibility criteria. Incomplete submission or non eligible submission will be returned to the applicant.

Processing of Application

This phase requires a thorough evaluation to ensure that the proposed project’s objectives and other requirements are in line with the Grant’s objectives. During the process, applicants will be called upon for a presentation and discussion on the proposal. A visit by the Evaluation Officer to the company’s premise will also be conducted as part of the evaluation process.

Approval of Application

Once the applicant meets all the requirements, the Evaluation Officer will compile and prepare reports before presenting the proposal to the fund’s Technical Committee (TC) for deliberation and subsequently to the Approval Committee (AC) for endorsement of recommendations made by the TC. The applicants may also be required to present their proposal to the respective committees themselves. All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed officially after decisions were made by the Approval Committee.

Application Process Work Flow


Q1: How long does it take to process an application?

The processing of grant takes approximately 12 weeks until approval.

Q2: What if the company applying is a dormant company?

A dormant company cannot apply for grants. Only active company is allowed to apply.

Q3: What if the CEO/Managing Director of the company is not a Malaysian?

This is not an issue as long as the company’s local equity is equals to/more than 51%.

Q4: Can a company collate a supporting letter from the Minister/Deputy Minister/Agencies to show proof of support for the proposed project?

A company can provide any supporting letters or documents deemed necessary to support its application however the success of its application depends primarily on the merit of the proposal.

Q5: Paid Up Capital?

Company’s paid up capital should be reasonable and commensurate with the project cost.

Q6: Does the company need to pay any service charge to MTDC for the services rendered during application stage?

A: No.

Q7: Can a company engage a consultant to act and apply on its behalf?

A: No, company must apply directly to MTDC .Kindly take note that MTDC has never appointed anyone or any company to act on its behalf.

Q8: How to apply for TAF or CRDF?

A: Company can fill up the form via on-line or manually submit application and documents by hand to MTDC during office hours. If application is made on-line then all documents must be submitted separately by hand within 7 days to MTDC’s office.

Q9: How can the company check the status of its application after submission?

A: Company can check its application status by calling the Grant Evaluation Department at 03-21726032 or call/email the assigned Evaluation Officer.

Q10: Can a company apply for more than one grant?

A Company can only apply for one grant at one time from MTDC. Company can only apply for another grant after their current project is successfully closed.

Q11: Is the grant repayable?

No, because a grant is not a loan.

Q12: How long is the agreement period between MTDC and company?

2 years (Implementation and Monitoring)

Q13: What if the approved project is not successfully commercialised?

MTDC will monitor all projects closely so that the projects are commecialised successfully according to plan. However if the project fails, MTDC has the right to revoke and retrieve the amount disbursed to the company through legal channel.

Q14: How does MTDC disburse the grant to the company?

All disbursements to the grant recipient or its vendor/supplier are made via cheque or TT.

Q15: Can the company ask for an upfront payment?


Q16: How long will the company get the fund after the application is approved?

Company can forward their claim to MTDC after they have signed the fund agreement.