Is there any cost to engage the services of BAS?

Yes, there are chargeable fees that both parties must agree to before advisory services are rendered. These fees, which are relatively minimal and affordable, differ according to the services required. Some fees are fixed and others are subject to negotiations. Companies will be required to sign a mandate letter to formalise the engagement. Companies that [...]

Which financial institutions and investors does BAS work with?

Presently, there are 5 financial institutions that have signed MOU with MTDC such as MIDF, Bank Islam, RHB Islamic Bank, EXIM Bank and SME Bank. In addition to these institutions, BAS also have relationship and access to all other banks, institutional and angel investors that could consider the funding requirements of BAS client companies.

Does BAS assist non-MTDC funded companies?

BAS gives priority to MTDC-funded companies and tenants of MTDC’s technology development centres, which are called as MTDC ecosystem companies. Nevertheless, BAS does provide advisory services to companies that are not in the MTDC ecosystem, but the fee structure is slightly higher than that of MTDC ecosystem companies.

How do I engage BAS services?

An initial discussion will be held to determine the needs and the scope of engagement agreed to by both parties. A letter of mandate on appointment of BAS as the advisor will be issued which must be accepted by the company before the advisory can commence. Please contact us to initiate discussions and identify appropriate [...]

How does BAS assist companies in term of marketing advisory?

BAS marketing advisory includes promotion, branding awareness, product launching, social media strategy and website development, video adverts  as well as packaging proposals. On certain occasions, BAS consults its networks of external experts in order to provide the advisory that of industry standards.

How does BAS assist companies in term of business development advisory?

BAS assists companies to access new markets, including overseas, by linking them to potential customers or strategic partners through MTDC’s networks, collaborations and government connections. Where necessary, BAS will assist companies to obtain the necessary approvals and certifications in order to penetrate these markets. In addition, BAS is always on the lookout for potential business [...]

How does BAS assist companies in term of financial advisory?

The two main scope of services provided are Fund Raising (FR) and Financial Services (FS). In FR, BAS arranges for funding from funders, comprising financial institutions or investors. The advisory includes structuring, evaluating and negotiating with the interested funders. As for FS, BAS provides accounting services such as assurance works on proper bookkeeping and record [...]

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