How will the payback scheme be conducted?

The fund recipient company must repay 12.5% of the total approved amount. The zero interest payment will begin in the third year on instalment basis for a period of not more than 24 months. The payment may be made in cash or in kind (in the form of CSR activities, provision of training etc. to [...]

What are the eligible expenses under CRDF 2?

The eligible expenses under CRDF 2 are as follows: Equipment Technology acquisition Administration and overheads Production Advertising, marketing, and promotion Intellectual property and standards compliance Value added services For further details on eligible expenses, click here.

Who is eligible to apply for CRDF 2?

CRDF 2 is a grant for the commercialisation of any local R&D by an SME. An SME is defined as below: Manufacturing Sector – a company with annual turnover not exceeding RM 50.0 million OR having employees not exceeding 200. Services sector and other sectors – a company with annual turnover not exceeding RM 20.0 million OR [...]

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