How long is the period to process an application?

The processing period for an application is approximately 45 working days or three (3) months from the submission of a complete application until it is presented to the Approval Committee. If an application is incomplete, it will be returned to the company. Any subsequent applications will be treated as a new application from the company.

What is the general process flow for the approval of an application?

In general, the process flow is as follows: Submission of application Pre-assessment of application to ensure fulfillment of basic eligibility criteria Evaluation of the merits of the application Submission to the Technical Committee Submission to the Approval Committee Signing of Agreement For further details, refer to the relevant evaluation process under the ‘Fund Management’ tab [...]

How can a company apply for one of the funds under MTDC?

A company may apply for one of the funds by way of the following methods: Submitting the application by hand to MTDC (office hours: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM); Submitting the application by email to MTDC – the physical copy must then be submitted to MTDC’s office within seven (7) days after the email submission; [...]

What is the scope of the technology eligible to be funded by MTDC?

The proposed project must be on a technology-based manufacturing/service sector from any of the technology clusters: Industrial technology Biotechnology Sea to space Science & technology core Information communications & technology For further details on eligibility, please refer to the relevant fund under the ‘Fund Management’ tab above.

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