Does MTDC practice a no-gift policy?2017-11-21T11:44:32+08:00

Yes, MTDC does practice a no-gift policy.
For more details on MTDC’s no-gift policy, please click here.

Does MTDC provide consulting services to fund recipients?2017-11-21T11:44:14+08:00

Yes, MTDC provides consulting services through its Advisory & Value Added Services Division (AVAS). Companies may engage AVAS for assistance in the following areas:

  1. Business advisory
  2. Financial advisory
  3. Marketing advisory
  4. Technical advisory
Can an applicant may include any supporting letter or document it deems necessary to support its application. However, please note that the success of an application depends solely on the merits of said application.2017-11-21T11:43:59+08:00

An applicant may include any supporting letter or document it deems necessary to support its application.

However, please note that the success of an application depends solely on the merits of said application.

Is there a requirement on the company’s paid up capital?2017-11-21T11:43:30+08:00

A company’s paid up capital should be reasonable and commensurate with the project cost.

Is the CEO/Managing Director of a company required to be a Malaysian?2017-11-21T11:43:10+08:00

A fund recipient company may have a non-Malaysian as CEO/Managing Director as long as the company’s local equity fulfils the requirement under the respective fund.

Can a sole proprietorship or partnership or limited liability partnership apply for one of the funds under MTDC?2017-11-21T11:42:48+08:00

No, the company applying must be a private company (Sdn Bhd) as registered under the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

Can a dormant company apply for one of the funds under MTDC?2017-11-21T11:42:30+08:00

A dormant company may not apply for a fund. Only an active company may apply.

dormant company is a company that has no active business or income-generating activities.

Can a company receive or apply for funds from another company or government agency while it is applying for an MTDC fund?2017-11-21T11:42:11+08:00

Yes, but this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can a company apply for more than one fund from MTDC at a time?2017-11-21T11:41:50+08:00

No, a company can only apply for one fund at a time.

If the company is a fund recipient, it can only apply for another fund after their current project has been closed successfully.

What language should the application be in?2017-11-21T11:41:12+08:00

The application should be submitted in the English language as per the format provided.

How long is the period to process an application?2017-11-21T11:40:54+08:00

The processing period for an application is approximately 45 working days or three (3) months from the submission of a complete application until it is presented to the Approval Committee.

If an application is incomplete, it will be returned to the company. Any subsequent applications will be treated as a new application from the company.

What is the general process flow for the approval of an application?2017-11-21T11:37:37+08:00

In general, the process flow is as follows:

  1. Submission of application
  2. Pre-assessment of application to ensure fulfillment of basic eligibility criteria
  3. Evaluation of the merits of the application
  4. Submission to the Technical Committee
  5. Submission to the Approval Committee
  6. Signing of Agreement

For further details, refer to the relevant evaluation process under the ‘Fund Management’ tab above.

How can an applicant check the status of the application after submission?2017-11-21T11:37:14+08:00

No, there is no deadline and companies may apply for a fund all year round. However, this is still subject to the availability of the funds.

How can a company apply for one of the funds under MTDC?2017-11-21T11:31:49+08:00

A company may apply for one of the funds by way of the following methods:

  • Submitting the application by hand to MTDC (office hours: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM);
  • Submitting the application by email to MTDC – the physical copy must then be submitted to MTDC’s office within seven (7) days after the email submission; or
  • Submitting the application by mail to MTDC – addressed to the ‘Chief Executive Officer’ and attention to the relevant department.

Please note that a company must apply directly to MTDC. A company may not engage a consultant to act and apply on its behalf.

MTDC has also never appointed any individual or company to act on its behalf.

For further details, please refer to the relevant application process under the ‘Fund Management’ tab above.

What is the scope of the technology eligible to be funded by MTDC?2017-11-21T11:29:29+08:00

The proposed project must be on a technology-based manufacturing/service sector from any of the technology clusters:

  1. Industrial technology
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Sea to space
  4. Science & technology core
  5. Information communications & technology

For further details on eligibility, please refer to the relevant fund under the ‘Fund Management’ tab above.

What is crowdfunding?2020-08-11T11:43:54+08:00
  • Crowdfunding is the use of small amount of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture.
  • Crowdfunding makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites, with the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional circle of owners, relatives and venture capitalists.
How many types of crowdfunding programme offered by MTDC?2020-08-11T11:41:19+08:00

There are 2 types of crowdfunding programmes:

  • ECF – A mechanism that enables groups of investors to fund startups by taking up shares in the investee companies and selling the shares later
  • P2P – Involves funds being lent at a fixed interest rate over a fixed tenure
Who is our ECF partner?2020-08-11T11:31:39+08:00

pitchIN (Pitch Platforms Sdn Bhd). A Recognised Market Operator by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to offer an Equity Crowdfunding platform for companies to raise their funding from the public.

What is the objective of the MTDC-pitchIN ECF programme?2020-08-11T11:30:50+08:00

An equity crowdfunding programme aims to facilitate fundraising for local technology-based companies through crowdsourcing.

The programme will enable local technology-based companies to obtain capital through equity investment from a relatively large number of public investors, using an online platform.

MTDC will offer equity fund to eligible local technology-based companies that intend to raise fund through crowdfunding platform. Investment by MTDC in the crowdfunding campaign by the eligible local technology-based company (Issuer) would encourage many other investors to support and participate in the fundraising campaign to assist technology commercialisation and business expansion of local tech company.

Who is eligible to apply for the programme?2020-08-11T11:28:35+08:00

Any local technology-based companies that is categorised as Series A (Early Stage).

Series A company is a startup who has gained some traction following a period of market research and product development. The company is ready to obtain further funding in exchange of their preferred stock during the seed or early stage investment round.

The basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. Incorporated in Malaysia
  2. Majority owned by Malaysian
  3. Intellectual Property (IP)-backed technology
  4. Commercial ready prototype
  5. Qualified to launch fundraising campaign through equity crowdfunding platform
    (i.e. pitchIN)
What is the participation amount of MTDC in the programme?2020-08-11T11:26:22+08:00

MTDC-pitchIN ECF programme provides funding up to 30% of fund to be raised or maximum RM900,000.00, whichever lower, per campaign. The remaining 70% of funding will be raised via crowdfunding in the ECF platform operated by pitchIN.

How long is the investment tenure in a company?2020-08-11T11:24:04+08:00

The investment tenure in a company is between 3 to 5 years

What is the investment instrument for the programme?2020-08-11T11:23:13+08:00

Equity investment via Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares (RCPS)

Who is our P2P partner?2020-08-11T11:20:31+08:00

microLEAP (Microleap PLT). A Recognised Market Operator by the Securities Commission of Malaysia who operates a P2P financing platform that allows businesses to raise crowd-sourced funds in which the issuers (borrowers) may raise financing from as little as RM1,000 while P2P investors may invest in ‘Investment Notes’ issued by them from as little as RM50.

What is the objective of the MTDC-microLEAP P2P programme?2020-08-11T11:18:59+08:00

A social lending programme that aims to facilitate local technology-based companies to obtain financing directly from the mass public; either individual or organisation via crowdfunding platform.

The programme will enable companies to obtain capital through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending from a relatively large number of investors, using an online platform.

The programme will support eligible companies that want to raise fund through P2P platform, in a form of investment note. With MTDC participation as Investor in the P2P campaign by the eligible local technology-based company (Issuer), this would encourage many other investors to support and participate in the fundraising campaign to assist technology commercialisation and business expansion of local tech company.

Who is eligible to apply for the programme?2020-08-11T11:16:55+08:00

Any local technology-based companies.

The basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. Incorporated in Malaysia
  2. Majority owned by Malaysian
  3. Intellectual Property (IP)-backed technology
  4. Commercial ready prototype
  5. Qualified to launch P2P fundraising campaign through crowdfunding platform
    (i.e. microLEAP)
What is the participation amount of MTDC in the programme?2020-08-11T10:49:04+08:00

MTDC-microLEAP P2P Financing Programme provides financing up to 30% of fund to be raised or maximum RM500,000.00, whichever lower, per campaign. The remaining 70% of funding will be raised via crowdfunding in the P2P platform operated by microLEAP.

What is the investment instruments for the programme?2020-08-11T10:47:18+08:00

Islamic Investment Note.

What is the profit rate for the programme?2020-08-11T10:45:14+08:00

The profit rate for the financing depends on the profit rate determined by the P2P platform.

I am interested to learn more and to view the premises. How do I make an appointment?2023-09-17T15:19:49+08:00

The enquiry and booking request can be made through below options:

What is the advantage for residing at the MTDC Technology Centres?2023-09-17T14:51:57+08:00
  • Access to advisory services which non-limited to business and marketing but fund raising, business development, capacity building training program, and many more.
  • Technology connection and adoption focusing on Industry 4.0 (i4.0) solution.
  • Graduate Employability program for recruitment and internship of knowledge or skill workers.
  • Collaboration and business networking opportunities among SMEs, Universities, Research Institutions both locally and internationally.
  • Opportunity to access laboratories and scientific equipment, expertise and technology commercialisation initiative with the Universities and Research Institution.
  • Usage of facilities at all MTDC Centres at a special rate
How long can a company remain at MTDC Technology Development Centre?2023-09-17T14:54:34+08:00

Under the MTDC Technology Centre Graduation Policy, we offer smaller space at the Technology Garage (TG) for a maximum of three year for start-up or new companies. At the end of the 3rd year, the companies will graduate to Enterprise Unit. For medium-sized and matured companies residing at the Enterprise Units, there is no specific time frame on the duration of occupancy.

I am interested to rent a space. How do I apply?2023-09-17T15:19:01+08:00

The application form is available in the direct link https://tic-application.mtdc.com.my

What are the general admission criteria?2023-09-17T15:18:19+08:00
  1. Malaysian company incorporated under Companies Act 1965.
  2. Majority owned by Malaysian.
  3. A minimum paid up capital of RM20,000.00
  4. Priority given to technology-based company. However, non-technology organization can be considered subject to Management discretion.
  5. A minimum of 3-month in operation.
How big is the space size and what is the rental rate?2023-09-17T15:17:26+08:00

The premises size start from 400 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. and the rental rate is different by location ranging from RM1.00 to RM3.30.

What type of premises are available in MTDC Technology Centre?2023-09-17T15:16:59+08:00

The type of premises consists of Technology Garage unit (size < 1,000 sq. ft.), Enterprise unit (size > 1,000 sq. ft.) and laboratory unit (wet/dry).

What are the shared facilities available at MTDC Technology Centre and can the public use the facilities?2023-09-17T15:09:29+08:00

Among the services and facilities offered include auditorium, meeting room, boardroom, training room and seminar hall of various sizes. Most of the rooms are equipped with LCD projector, writing board, flip charts and basic meeting room items. Yes, only for selected facilities is open to the public.

How to book the shared facilities at the Technology Centre?2023-09-17T15:07:48+08:00

The shared facilities such as meeting room, auditorium, seminar hall, training room is non-limited to tenant but also open to public. The public user can email to tid@mtdc.com.my for booking while tenant can log on to https://tcms.mtdc.com.my. However, tenants will be given first priority on usage rights.

Any charges imposed to use the facilities?2023-09-17T15:04:00+08:00

Yes, there are minimal charges imposed. However, some facilities are complimentary. Consult any of our team at the Management Office to learn more about this.

Being a tenant, am I allowed to use the auditorium or other facilities that are available at other MTDC Technology Centres?2023-09-17T15:01:28+08:00

Yes, one of the advantages being a tenant of MTDC Technology Centre is that we allow cross-usage of other facilities at any of our centres. This advantage shall prevail for as long as you are a partner of our centre.

What are the common facilities offered at the technology centre?2023-09-17T15:00:32+08:00

The common facilities such as cafeteria, roofed parking bay, prayer room and recreation area may vary from one centre to the other.

What type of furnishing is provided within each premise?2023-09-17T14:59:10+08:00

All units are provided with basic finishes (painted walls, cement rendered floors and gypsum ceiling board) with lightings and power points in good working condition.

Internal renovation or installation of machinery and equipment (other than air-conditioning units) or outside of the office premises requires written consent from the management.

Upon termination of the tenancy agreement, the premise shall be returned to the Management office in its original condition. Demolition and dismantling works shall be borne by the tenant.

How does MTDC ensure the security of the companies within the technology centre?2023-09-17T14:58:08+08:00

MTDC Technology Centre engaged 24/7 security services to monitor the safety and security of the tenants within the centre. If you need further clarification on this or have specific safety requirements, kindly contact the respective officer at Centre’s Management Office or e-mail us at tid@mtdc.com.my and AMU@mtdc.com.my

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the technology centre?2023-09-17T14:57:36+08:00

The Asset and Management Unit of MTDC Technology Centre is responsible for the maintenance of common areas within the centre. However, tenants shall maintain their own premises at their own cost. For complaints regarding maintenance issue, please log on to https://tcms.mtdc.com.my for our immediate response.

I have equipment that is sensitive to power disruption. Does the Technology Centre offer 100% electricity backup using generator set?2023-09-17T14:57:04+08:00

Yes, 100% generator set backup is available at UKM-MTDC and UPM-MTDC TIC I and TIC III.

Which one of MTDC Technology Centres is awarded with a Cybercity/ CyberCentre Status?2023-09-17T14:56:22+08:00

UPM-MTDC Technology Centre is awarded with CyberCentre Status.

Is there any cost to engage the services of BAS?2023-09-17T15:40:44+08:00

Yes, there are chargeable fees that both parties must agree to before advisory services are rendered. These fees, which are relatively minimal and affordable, differ according to the services required. Some fees are fixed and others are subject to negotiations. Companies will be required to sign a mandate letter to formalise the engagement. Companies that are recipients of MTDC funding may have some advisory fees allocated in the funds.

What kind of markets or countries that business development advisory is targeting for promotional activities?2023-09-17T15:39:53+08:00

In addition to the local market, MTDC is actively involved in assisting companies in Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Kazakhstan.

There were initiatives in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea and Uganda. Potential markets also include China, Turkey, Morocco, Oman, South Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam. We are also looking into various emerging markets through the connections that MTDC has been making via its role as a training organization for many developing countries on behalf of organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre (ISTIC)

Which financial institutions and investors does BAS work with?2023-09-17T15:39:05+08:00

Presently, there are 5 financial institutions that have signed MOU with MTDC such as MIDF, Bank Islam, RHB Islamic Bank, EXIM Bank and SME Bank.

In addition to these institutions, BAS also have relationship and access to all other banks, institutional and angel investors that could consider the funding requirements of BAS client companies.

Does BAS guarantee investment and/or commercialisation of our technology/product?2023-09-17T15:38:10+08:00

Once engaged, BAS will provide assistance for  companies to the best of its capability. Nevertheless, BAS or MTDC would not be able to provide guarantees on the success of investment/funding and or commercialisation plans.

Does BAS assist non-MTDC funded companies?2023-09-17T15:37:34+08:00

BAS gives priority to MTDC-funded companies and tenants of MTDC’s technology development centres, which are called as MTDC ecosystem companies. Nevertheless, BAS does provide advisory services to companies that are not in the MTDC ecosystem, but the fee structure is slightly higher than that of MTDC ecosystem companies.

How do I engage BAS services?2023-09-17T15:37:01+08:00

An initial discussion will be held to determine the needs and the scope of engagement agreed to by both parties. A letter of mandate on appointment of BAS as the advisor will be issued which must be accepted by the company before the advisory can commence.

Please contact us to initiate discussions and identify appropriate advisory services for your company. Please contact our Puan Nur Faizasya, Senior Assistant of BAS at nurfaizasya@mtdc.com.my or 03-21726075

How does BAS assist companies in term of marketing advisory?2023-09-17T15:36:09+08:00

BAS marketing advisory includes promotion, branding awareness, product launching, social media strategy and website development, video adverts  as well as packaging proposals. On certain occasions, BAS consults its networks of external experts in order to provide the advisory that of industry standards.

How does BAS assist companies in term of business development advisory?2023-09-17T15:35:22+08:00

BAS assists companies to access new markets, including overseas, by linking them to potential customers or strategic partners through MTDC’s networks, collaborations and government connections. Where necessary, BAS will assist companies to obtain the necessary approvals and certifications in order to penetrate these markets.

In addition, BAS is always on the lookout for potential business linkages that involve collaboration, research and development (R&D), techno-preneurship programmes and commercialisation development.

How does BAS assist companies in term of financial advisory?2023-09-17T15:34:45+08:00

The two main scope of services provided are Fund Raising (FR) and Financial Services (FS). In FR, BAS arranges for funding from funders, comprising financial institutions or investors. The advisory includes structuring, evaluating and negotiating with the interested funders. As for FS, BAS provides accounting services such as assurance works on proper bookkeeping and record keeping practice, preparation of financial/cashflow projection, costing and pricing estimation as well as company valuation.

What is Business Advisory Service and its function?2023-09-17T15:32:32+08:00

Business Advisory Services (BAS) is a unit under Technology Development Division of MTDC. BAS’s function is to provide advisory services on financial, business development and marketing aspects.

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