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FMBioSis™  is a joint programme to develop qualified young graduates to become bio-entrepreneurs by commercializing locally developed research technologies. In this programme,  Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is the technology provider while MTDC is the sponsor as well as  the business development trainer. The programme was officially launched on 21st May 2008.All participants have completed the first and second stage of the programme and 10 best participants  have been selected to lead the FMBioSis companies. These are spin-off companies which are primarily  involved in commercialisation of FRIM’s technology.

Spin-off Companies

Company : AgriClone Tech Sdn. Bhd.
CEO : Nadia Binti Hashim, Muhammad Muslim Bin Abdullah
Commercialisation : Aquilaria malaccensis, Oil Palm Introgressed Hybrid (Supergene) and Eucalyptus Species Through Micropropagation and Tissue Culture


 Company : Bio-Nature Formula Sdn. Bhd.
CEO : Jurina Binti Anwar, Dayang Filidia Binti Abang Ahmad Bolhassan
Commercialisation :  Malaysian Concept SPA products utilising bio-funcyional ingredients from natural plant extracts and essential oils


Company : Nourish Care Sdn. Bhd.
CEO : Aishah Jacklin, Yun Irma Faizul Effendi Yunal
Commercialisation : Antidiabetic  Food and Beverages


Company : Nature Profusion Sdn. Bhd.
CEO : Mohd Ramdan Bin Parman, Wan Sabariah Binti Shuib
Commercialisation : Natural Plant Based Anti-MRSA Antiseptics and Disinfectants


Company : Poly-Xtract Sdn Bhd
CEO : Siti Fatimah Elias
Commercialisation : Commercialisation of aqueous based extracts and polysaccharide compounds for herbal products.


Company : Uni Bio Plants Sdn Bhd
CEO : Muhammad Malik Mapat Abdullah & Nazatul Syaima Ismail
Commercialisation : Comemrcialisation of of vanilla, banana and Tongkat Ali plantlets.