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FAQs – Advisory & Value Added Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Advisory and Value Added Services (AVAS)

What is the Advisory and Value Added Services Division of MTDC?

The Advisory and Value Added Services (AVAS) Division of MTDC consists of 5 departments: Technology Advisory (TA), Marketing Advisory (MA), Financial Advisory (FA), Business Development (BD) and Special Projects (SPj).

What is the function of the AVAS Division?

AVAS departments provide advisory and/or various services that nurture client companies to develop and grow. The types of advisory and/or services provided will depend on the specific needs of each client company.

Is there any cost to engage the services of AVAS?

In principle, there are chargeable fees that both parties must agree to before services are rendered. These fees, which are minimal and affordable, differ according to the services required. Some fees are fixed and others are subject to negotiations. Client companies will be required to sign a mandate letter to formalize the provision of the services. Companies that are recipients of MTDC funding programmes may have some AVAS fees already included in the funding that they received.

How does the TA Department assist companies?

The TA Department was established to capture the experience gained by MTDC in undertaking commercialization and technology development. This experience is translated into assistance, advisory and consultancy services to client companies undertaking technology commercialization and organizations developing technology development programmes. TA would start with problem identification and/or needs requirement of the client organizations. For example, if a company require technology to improve existing or create new products/processes, TA will utilize its network to assist to find such technology or expertise from various technology providers available in the country, On the other hand, TA may also assist technology providers to find suitable industrial partners to commercialize their technologies. TA can also provide links to other agencies that provide regulatory, standards and other business services for client companies.

What are the types of technologies that the TA Department would be interested to work on?

TA is open to all viable technologies with high potential commercial value. Examples of technologies include (but is not limited to) clean technology, environmental management, food and agribusiness, infrastructure, innovative manufacturing, marine technologies, and telecommunications.

How does the MA Department assist companies and organizations?

MA assists companies and organizations through provision of consultancy, training workshops and short courses.

What consultancy services are provided by MA?

Consultancy services provided by MA include business mentoring and coaching, business plan development, product and brand review (packaging and label review, advertising and promotions, traditional and new media advertising), distribution channels strategy, market validation and Intellectual property and legal matters

What training workshops are offered by MA Department?

Training workshops provided by MA include entrepreneurship training for academicians and tertiary level students, commercialization for academicians and Technology Transfer Office personnel and entrepreneurship for startup companies/SME’s

What short courses are offered by MA Department?

Short courses provided by MA include Business Model Canvas (BMC), Business Plan Writing, Marketing for Start-up companies, Omni Channel Media (New and Traditional Media}, Finance and Accounting for Start-up companies, Managing IP (Technology Transfer and Licensing), Business Communication, Retail Environment, Regulatory and Certification, Manufacturing and Production, Professional Image, and resume writing for entrepreneurs

Is there a fixed schedule for the programmes?

All our programmes are customized to the target audience. Please contact us for more details.

Whom should I contact to obtain more details on workshops  and courses provided by Marketing Advisory?

Please contact Cik Arni Balkish Mohamed Aris at arni@mtdc.com.my or 03-21726159

How does the FA Department assist companies?

FA assists companies through provision of financial services. The two main scope of services provided by FA are Fund Raising (FR) and Financial Services (FS). In FR, we arrange for funding from financial institutions or investors to client companies. The engagement includes structuring, evaluating and negotiating with the interested funders on the funding required. FS provides accounting services that include assurance work on proper bookkeeping and record keeping practice and mentoring/assistance in preparation of financial projection for companies in MTDC’s ecosystem. FS also provide audit and evaluation for Green Lane Policy

Which financial institutions and investors do FA work with?

Presently, there are 5 financial institutions that have signed Memorandum of Understanding with MTDC such as MIDF, Bank Islam, RHB Islamic Bank, EXIM Bank and SME Bank. In addition to these institutions, FA also have business relationship and access to all other banks as well as institutional and angel investors that can consider the funding requirements of FA’s client companies.

How do I engage FA services?

An initial discussion will be held to determine the actual needs and the scope of engagement will be clarified and agreed to by both parties. A letter of mandate on appointment of FA as the advisor will be issued which must accepted by the company before the service can commence.

How does the BA Department assist companies?

BD assists client companies to access new markets, including overseas, by linking them to potential customers or partners through MTDC’s partners, collaborators and government connections In addition, where necessary, BD would assist client companies to obtain the necessary approvals and certifications in order to penetrate these markets. In addition to this, BD is always on the lookout for potential business linkages that involve collaboration, research and development (R&D), technopreneurship programmes and commercialisation development.

What kinds of markets or countries is BD targeting for promotional activities?

In addition to the local market, BD is actively involved in assisting client companies in Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Kazakhstan. In addition, BD has some early initiatives in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea and Uganda,. Potential markets in the future include China, Turkey, Morocco, Oman, South Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam. BD is also looking into various emerging markets through the connections that MTDC has been making via its role as a training organization for many developing countries on behalf of organizations such the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre (ISTIC)

How does the Special Projects Department assist companies?

The SPj Department was set up to enable MTDC to quickly participate or provide input in industrial areas/sectors that are emerging as key strategic areas/sectors for the nation. SPj Department is currently collaborating with the Malaysian Robotics and Automation Society (MyRAS) to promote the use of robotics and automation in Malaysian SMEs.

Do AVAS assist non-MTDC funded companies?

AVAS in principle gives priority to MTDC-funded companies and tenants of MTDC’s technology development centres. Nevertheless, some AVAS services are provided to companies that are not yet in the MTDC ecosystem (e.g fund-raising), but the fee structure may be slightly higher than MTDC ecosystem companies.. In addition, AVAS will also give priority to assisting linkages and collaboration between industry and institutes of higher education/research institutes.

Will MTDC guarantee investment and/or commercialisation of our technology/product?

Once engaged, AVAS will provide assistance for client companies to the best of its capability and capacity. Nevertheless, MTDC would not be able to provide guarantees on the success of investment/funding and or commercialisation.

We are not sure if we are ready to utilise/engage the services of AVAS. Should we still contact AVAS?

Please do contact us to initiate discussions and identify if there are AVAS services that are suitable for your company. Please contact Puan Norizah Atan, Executive Assistant of AVAS at norizah@mtdc.com.my or 03-21726096.

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