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FAQS – Symbiosis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I apply to be one of the Symbiosis technopreneurs?

MTDC would advertise in the leading newspapers, social media such as MTDC Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Candidates must register via Symbiosis Online Registration only. Please click here to register.

What are the criterias to become Symbiosis technopreneurs?

The main criterias are:-

  1. Malaysian;
  2. Have at least a Diploma in any field;
  3. Below 30 years of age;
  4. Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia; and
  5. Good health condition


How long is the duration of Symbiosis Programme?

Symbiosis Programme is a comprehensive programme.

The duration of the programme is seven (7) months, which begins with the selection of participants until the formation of start-up companies.

Participants will undergo four (4) months full-time training at UPM-MTDC Technology Center.

What would be provided to the participants during the Symbiosis Programme for participants?

Participants will be paid some basic allowance throughout the programme and participants would also be provided accommodations during the Training phase.

How much funding can a company obtain from MTDC to commercialise the approved project?

Funding and its quantum is not guaranteed by MTDC, however this depends very much on the final business proposal since fund is strategically tailored towards the need to commercialise such product or technology.

Is the fund given in the form of grant or loan?

It can be either one of the above subject to fund availability.

Where would be the source of the technology that the participants would commercialize?

The technology that will be commercialized are from various universities and research institutions throughout Malaysia.

Is success guaranteed for the start-up companies?

the ability of entrepreneur him/herself, the business model, the environment as well as the financial aspect. MTDC however would provide nurturing and value added services to the companies and assist them with the companies’ objective so they can become independent and able to achieve the set goals and milestones within certain time frame.

What are the responsibilities and liabilities of the selected participants?

The responsibilities and liabilities of the selected participants is as follows:

  1. To participate in all activities and sessions
  2. To submit all assignment and tasks

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