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FRIM – MTDC (List of Incubatees)

List of tenants in FRIM-MTDC Technology Centre

No. Block Company Nature of Business Contact Person
1. A-G-W1 BizBridge International Sdn Bhd

The company involve in research in finding scientific method of cleaning and processing raw bird nest without reducing nutrients, standardized extract of bird nest and formulations with resveratrol in soft gel capsules.


Ms. Janice Khoo Chooi Ling


Tel : 03-77327088 / 012-3299708

Fax : 03-77327088



2. C-G-D2 Nourish Care Sdn Bhd

Commercialization of Anti-diabetic food and beverages.


Pn. Aisyah Jacklin Likan Bernabas Baie

General Manager

Tel: 03-62610753 / 013-2902529

Fax: 03-62610753



3. A-G-TG3 Borneo Rainforest Vanilla Sdn Bhd

The company’s activities include processing the crops into industrial raw material and extracting active ingredient to produce various downstream products, such as herbal tea, health supplements, flavouring, fragrances, cosmetic and body care.


The products which are already in the market are as follows:


(i)                    Crown Herbal Extract Capsule;

(ii)         Crown Essence Cosmeceutical – Herbal Complex Skin Cellular Perfector;

(iii)        Herbal Complex Skin Radiance Booster;

(iv)        BJOE Extract;

(v)         MoriPlus; and

(vi)        VC+

Dr. Francis Jana Lian

General Manager

Tel: 085-433511 / 019-8251511

Fax: 085-432679



No. Block Company Nature of Business Contact Person
4. A-G-D3 Naturextract Sdn Bhd Naturextract Sdn Bhd was established with a primary aim of producing a high quality gaharu essential oil to meet the global market demand for the oil.

En. Mohd Hazim Nordin

Managing Director

Tel: 012-2315161








5. C-G-TG1 Nature Profusion Sdn Bhd

Commercialization of Natural Based Anti-MRSA Antiseptic and Disinfectant.


Pn. Wan Sabariah Shuib

Chief Operation Officer

Tel: 03-62625776

Fax: 03-62625776


6. C-G-D3 Bio-Nature Formula Sdn Bhd Commercialization of Malaysian Concept SPA product utilizing bio-functional ingredients from natural plant extracts and essential oils.

Cik Dayang Filidia Abg Ahmad Bolhassan


Tel: 019-4509049


7. A-F-TG8 Poly-Xtract Sdn Bhd

Produce & commercialize aqueous based extract and active fraction from selected local herbal species.






Cik Siti Fatimah Elias

Managing Director

Tel: 019-6751946




No. Block Company Nature of Business Contact Person
8. C-G-D1 Sempeniaga Sdn Bhd The company commercializes power management solution, so called “IBES Smart DB System” and “GreenSCADA Power Management System (GPMS)”.

Mr. Aaron Tan

Business Development Manager

Tel: 03-62634280  / 016-6962007




9. C-G-TG2 Imectronic Sdn Bhd

Specialize in design and manufacture of control, instrumentation and automation system.  The company involved in service and maintenance, custom made and upgrade machines & systems and also supply lab equipment.


En. Md. Abu Khudhaifah Demyati

General Manager

Tel: 03-61574618

Fax: 03-61574619



10. B-G-1 Mantap Inspirasi Sdn. Bhd.

The company is involved in OEM manufacturing.


Dr. Chan Chee Yun


Tel: 012-5558626



11. C-G-W1 Advanced Drying Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.

The company provides services on drying natural products, food samples and industrial finish products and turn it into powder form.


En. Bukhari Abdul Hamid


Tel: 019-2232504



12. A-G-TG1,   A-G-TG2,  A-G-D1 &  A-G-D2 Agriclone Tech Sdn. Bhd.

The company are producing and supply raw material of aquilaria species (Agarwood / Karas Plant) and other plants species using tissue culture technology.




Pn. Nadia Hashim


Tel: 019-6124512



No. Block Company Nature of Business Contact Person
13. C-G-TG3 & C-G-TG4 Fame Local Product Sdn. Bhd. Promoting local products.

Mr. Jeff Khan


Tel: 012-3915352



14. C-F-W2

Tega Kuantum Sdn. Bhd.



Manufacturing, marketing and distribution of cosmetics and herbal products. The company is involved in packaging and distribution of “Bio-Aquacel” products from Japan.

Mr. Roy Chin


Tel: 014-3370890




15. B-G-1A Y.C Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. A showroom for tourists especially from China.  The company will demonstrate the processing of the products from the raw material until finished products.

Mr. Jeff Khan


Tel: 012-3915352



16. A-F-TG1 & A-F-D1 Agar Premium Sdn. Bhd. The company is involved in research and manufacturing of personal care. Most of the products produced are using indigenous agarwood.

En. Zainudin Isa

Managing Director

Tel: 010-5660201



17. A-G-TG4 V Venture PLT The company is involved in commercialisation of bio-surfactant for treating oil-water pollution. This wastewater treatment operation is using empirical and cost effective technology.

En. Ahmad Rashyid Razak

Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: 017-5110530

Email: rashyid55@gmail.com


18. A-G-W2 Herbitec (M) Sdn. Bhd.

The company is involved in producing herbal preparations derived from botanical extracts using its proprietary cutting edge technology.


Mr. Sherman Lam Yuen Suen

Managing Director

Tel: 03-62039080

Fax: 03-62039086

Email: yslam73@gmail.com

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