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RMK-10 – Approved Companies

BSF List of Approved Companies

As at August 2014
No. Company Project Title Approved Date Website
1 Majestic Offshore Sdn Bhd Manufacturing of high resolution intelligent pigging equipment for the provision of oil and gas pipeline inspection services 9-Jul-14
2 CMS Consortium Sdn Bhd “Commercialisation of Cohesive Mobility Solution (COMOS)” 2-Apr-14
3 RVR Diagnostics Sdn Bhd Manufcture HIV and Syphilis Diagnostic Test Kits 2-Apr-14
4 Neopeutics Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of the CHEMOMAP technology platform with accompanying development of full early-stage drug discovery capabilities 28-Jan-14
5 Euro Circuit Technology Sdn Bhd Production of a 100% biodegradable water based degreaser – BIOSOLV® 28-Jan-14 http://www.euro-circuit.net/
6 Leonix Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of non-sterile orthopaedic implants, instruments and accessories 23-Apr-13
7 Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd To mass produce and commercialise special nuggets / chip using innovative processes 5-Oct-12
8 Bionestro Sdn Bhd To build a SPF bio-secure nucleus breeding centre facilities for Peneaus monodon in Malaysia 5-Oct-12
9 Atiqs Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of new innovative mechanical seal and carbon products for rotating equipment oil and gas, power generation and rolling stocks application in Malaysia 7-May-12
10 Petroleum Conservation Sdn Bhd Genuine OEM coolants utilizing membrane water filteration system for oil and gas industry 7-May-12
11 Auto MasterCop Sdn Bhd Establishing a platform of money transfer system to facilitate inter countries micro payment transfer 29-Feb-12
12 MIFF Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd Clay powder manufacturing 29-Feb-12
13 Nilai Coated Abrasives (M) Sdn Bhd Manufacturing of coated abrasives 9-Nov-11
14 KPC Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Establishment of kenaf polymer composite (KPC) profiles pilot plant 7-Oct-11
15 ScienceGates Biotech Sdn Bhd Commercialisation of the biomass, active ingredients and health supplement products from microalgae 7-Oct-11
16 Eastern Global Agrotech Sdn Bhd Extraction of collagen from Taro Roots (SATOIMO) 27-Jul-11
17 Axilent Sdn Bhd Multi-Functional Interlocking panel – A modular composite pallet 27-Jul-11
18 Dynamic AgroFarm Sdn Bhd To produce semi-finished products in the form of kenaf bast, kenaf fiber and kenaf mesh powder 10-Jun-11
19 Medical Devices Corporation Manufacturing of peritoneal dialysis (PD) products http://www.medical-devices-corp.com/
20 Twistcode Technologies Data acceleration services using the company’s in-house developed High Performance Computing (HPC) for the big data market https://twistcode.com/
21 V-Tie Manufacturing of interlocking anchor system
22 Gigalink Solutions Indoor Digital Advertising Media Platform With Hotsports In Taxis (Smartaxiads) www.gigalink.com.my/
23 Stimulus Nature Resources Commercialisation of ionizing labelling sticker to prolong the freshness of fruits https://www.stixfresh.com/company
24 Evault Technologies Securemi Data Leakage & Prevention System www.evault.com.my

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