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RMK 11 – Approved Companies

BSF List of Approved Companies

No. Company Project Title Approved Date Website
1 JOCOM International Holdings The commercialisation of the JOCOM online grocery platform https://www.jocom.my/
2 Farmasia Localization of the manufacturing of Chitotech Wound Care products http://www.farmasia.com.my/
3 Loanstreet Commercialisation of Loanstreet partners system – Screening technology for retail credit (E.g. Credit Cards, personal loans, housing loans, car loans) https://loanstreet.com.my/
4 Sentinext Phase 1 Clinical Trial For The Development Of Safety And Immunogenicity Of A Novel View-Like-Particle (Vlp) Vaccine Against Hand, Food And Mouth Disease (HFMD) www.sentinext.com/
5 East West Lumber Commercialisation of treated acacia timber using saw dry rip – high temperature drying (SDR-HTD) technology
6 Tech Capital Resources Commercialization of robotic product namely FH-10APS (Panel Sizing Centre Machiner) for the furniture industry 23-Apr-13 http://robotics-malaysia.com/
7 Gremax Manufacturing Of Patented Motorvehicle Warning System
8 Ginger and Coconut Commercialisation Of Mud Crab Integrated Farming System
9 Cell Tissue Technology Commercialisation of MyDermTM – Autologous Bilayer Tissue Engineered Human Skin www.cell-tissue.com/
10 Linear DMS Commercialisation Of Its End-To-End Iot Solutions (@Nodus Platform) http://lineardms.com.my/
11 Novapave Manufacturing of Road Celulose Fibre – NOVACEL novapave.com/
12 MY IOL Manufacturing of Intraocular Lense for Treatment of Cataracts

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