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UKM – MTDC (List of Incubatees)

List of tenants in UKM-MTDC Technology Centre

PUSTEK 1          
No. Company name BLOCK  Phone No. Fax No. Website Product/Services
1 DNA Laboratories Sdn Bhd Plasma B1-1,2,3,4 & Ribosom B2-3B 603-8925 2700 603-8925 4700 www.dna-laboratories.com DNA Laboratories Sdn Bhd provides genetic screening and molecular diagnostic services for the Obstetrician & Gynaecologist for both government and private hospitals. Company’s current activities involve in research, design, development and manufacturing of in-vitro molecular diagnostic kits to detect genetically inherited diseases and infectious agents.
2 DNA Research Centre Sdn Bhd Plasma B1-5 603-8922 1636 603-8925 4700 www.dna-laboratories.com DNA Research Sdn Bhd is a group of company with DNA Laboratories Sdn Bhd. The company main activity is to conduct research & development of products related to genetic and molecular diagnostic services for the Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.
3 Farmasia Sdn Bhd Ribosom B2-1 & B2-2 603-8925 1888 603-8925 2888 www.farmasia.com.my Farmasia Sdn Bhd is a distributor of medical devices and supplies to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers within both the private and government sectors of Malaysia. The company is currently active in promoting and distributing Dr. Wound range products where Silver Antiseptic Spray and ChitoHeal Gel being most popular products.
4 LaDIY Healthcare Sdn Bhd Ribosom B2-3A  +6013 759 7233   www.ladiy2u.com LADIY Healthcare Sdn Bhd (LADIY) is a medical device technology company that has developed a self-sampling device for cervical cancer screening called Cervisafe. Cervisafe®, is a self-administered cervical smear kit for early cervical cancer screening and sexually transmitted infection detection. Cervisafe allows women to perform the test their own convenience and privacy.
5 Malaysian Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd Grana B4-1 & B4-2 03-89223508 03-80612557 www.mvp.com.my MVP, “the Sole Veterinary Vaccines Manufacturer in Malaysia” produces MYVAC brand of quality Live and Inactivated vaccines that are safe and effective as protections against commercially debilitating diseases such as Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bronchitis (IB),Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD-Gumboro), Fowl Pox (FP), Egg-Drop Syndrome (EDS), Duck Pasteurellosis (DP) and Swine Fever (SF-Hog Cholera).

The vaccines are produced in accordance with Department of Veterinary’s “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) certified facilities that strictly requires stringent standards of safety, quality and efficacy. MYVAC products are currently available in all ASEAN, Middle East and West African countries. MVP also provides commercial diagnostics services through MYLAB Diagnostic Centre that satisfies the procedures and criteria’s for “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP).

6 Altus Technology Sdn Bhd Grana B4-3 03-89213545 03-89269487 www.altus.my Altus produce halal collagen peptide from gelatin found in the Bones, skin, and connective tissue of animals such as cattle, Pigs,horses, and fish. Altus Technology realize the importance of halal material for our Muslim consumer. Thus, we strictly use halal bovine and fish gelatin for our collagen manufacturing in helping Malaysia paves it way becoming the global halal hub
7 Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn Bhd Grana B4-5 03-7845 4566 03-7845 3566 www.enviromalaysia.com.my Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ASMA) was established in year 1993. ASMA builds and operates the National Air & Water Quality Monitoring (AQM) network concession agreement since 1995. The company product and services as follow:
• Ambient Air Quality
• Water Resource
• Environmental Data Management & GIS
• Environmental Consultancy
• Intergrated Environmental Management Systems
• Environmental Training
• Equipment supply
8 UNIPEQ, UKM Grana B4-4                     Block A PUSTEK 2 03-89214436 03-89252115 www.unipeq.com.my Unipeq Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of UKM Holdings Sdn Bhd. The company provides services as listed below.

• Laboratory Services; UNIPEQ’s laboratory has been accredited by  Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia (SAMM) meets the requirement of MS ISO/IEC 17025. The laboratory is capable of carrying out chemical and microbiological analysis of foods; such as chemical composition, microbiological properties, physical and sensory properties.

• Consultancy services; Consulting on internationally accepted standards, policies and procedures for food hygiene and safety.

• Training program; UNIPEQ’s Training Centre has been recognized by Ministry of Health Malaysia on various aspects of food safety such as Certificate in Basic Food Hygiene, Food Hygiene Management and many others.

• Graduate Employability: Khazanah Nasional SL1M Green Program; UNIPEQ will train and identify placement to the selected graduate as part of the Skim Latihan 1Malaysia  (SL1M)

9 Quasi-S Technology Sdn Bhd Stroma B3-1,B3-2 & B3-3 603-8920 2570  603-8920 2506 www.quasi-s.com.sg Quasi-S Technology Sdn Bhd is engaged in trading, supply and servicing of Medical, Engineering and scientific product such as Microscopy, Failure Analysis, Disposable, Chemical, Glassware, Apparatus, Instrument, Equipment, and others related product for medical engineering and scientific needs mainly for Universities, Hospitals, Medical Institutes, Technical and training department and institute, Research and Development (R&D) department

The  company product are:
• Analytical instruments & Equipment
• Product & solution development
• Biotechnology Instrument & Consumables
• Laboratory Services
• General Lab Equipment

10 UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI) Stroma B3-4 03-91710415 03-91710397 n/a  
11 Phytogold Sdn Bhd Intron-Ekson B5-3 & B5-4 03-87513127/    017-3374207 03-87513128 www.phytogold.com The nature of business of Phytogold of Technology Sdn Bhd "to carry on the business as develop of agricultural technologies associated with the production, processing and marketing useful product from plant and animal
12 Ultranovate Sdn Bhd Intron Ekson B5-6 017-645 2688 n/a www.ultranovate.com • Development of micro-architecture green technology product
• Professional design ID/Architure/Industrial design
• Development innovate solar & Food technology kiosk
13 Centre for Entrepreneurship & Small and Medium Enterprises Development (UKM-CESMED) Heliks-Emas B6 03-8921 4880 03-8921 4890 www.ukm.my/cesmed/ CESMED is center of excellence to bridge the education, entrepreneurship and SMEs development. CESMED provides experiential and consulting-based learning and training to UKM students. The program provides and prepares the students to acquire entrepreneurship skills, be competitive in the job market and leaders in SMEs. 
PUSTEK 2          
No. Company name BLOCK  Phone No. Fax No. Website Product/ Services
14 Premium Scientific Sdn Bhd TGB-06 & TGB-07 03-89125719  03-89125789   Premium Scientific Sdn. Bhd(PSSB) incorporated on 20 October 2010 under Company Act 1965 with 100% Bumiputra shareholder registered under MOF.

PSSB has diversified its business from supplier of Lab Equipment to construction specializes in water pipe project, gas pipe line and electrical project.

15 S&V Innovations Sdn Bhd TGB-08 n/a n/a n/a n/a
16 Integrasi Pintar Sdn Bhd TGB-10 06-7633141 06-7633141 www.integrasipintar.com Integrasi Pintar Sdn Bhd (IP) started its operation in year 2012 providing maintenance and support services in information technology (IT) sector.

The company is specialised in developing maintenance system, networking, supply of hardware & software and also provide on site support services.

17 OSA Technology Sdn Bhd Block C 03-89261351  03-89261361 www.osatechnology.com.my OSA Technology Sdn Bhd is a conceptualises, designs and produces technologically advance medical products with cooperation form scientist in various fields. Interlocking nail and innovation on surgical arthroscope delivery system

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