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Introduction – Symbiosis

MTDC’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme or Symbiosis as appropriately dubbed, is aimed to train selected graduates to become technopreneurs. Symbiosis is a comprehensive programme that covers aspects of commercialisation as well as entrepreneurship. At the end of the programme, selected candidates will lead start-up companies to commercialise technologies from the Universities/Research Institutes (Uni/RI) that have been carefully chosen by MTDC.  Symbiosis start-up companies will then be able to apply for MTDC’s fund to operate from any of our Technology Centers and receives nurturing and other value added services just like any other companies within MTDC’s ecosystem.


  • To promote commercialisation of R&D output of Uni/RI.
  • To increase the number of technology-based start-ups in the national economic landscape; revenue and job generators for the Malaysian economy.
  • To increase the pool of young entrepreneurs with excellent business knowledge and skills.


  • Assist universities/research institutes to identify technologies ready for commercialization through Symbiosis programmes.
  • Assist universities/research institutes to identify potential technopreneurs for commercialization of relevant technologies through Symbiosis
  • Develop, guide and nurture technopreneurs throughout the 6 phases of the Symbiosis programme i.e. from the selection of technologies until the formation on companies.


Currently there are 75 active start up, 163 technopreneurs within the Symbiosis Programme at various stages of commercialisation activities and 84 jobs have been created since the inception of Symbiosis Programme.

  1. FRIM-MTDC Symbiosis (2009)
  2. UTM-MTDC Symbiosis (2010)
  3. UKM-MTDC Symbiosis (2011)
  4. UPM-MTDC Symbiosis (2011)
  5. NCIA-USM-MTDC Symbiosis (2012)
  6. NCIA-UniMAP-MTDC Symbiosis (2014)
  7. UiTM-MTDC Symbiosis (2014)
  8. UTM II- MTDC Symbiosis (2014)
  9. MARA-UniKL-MTDC Symbiosis (2015)
  10. UM-MTDC Symbiosis (2016)
  11. UMK-MTDC Symbiosis (2016)


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