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The Right Support

The Right Support


Fund Management

Through the Technology Development Programme established since the 7th Malaysia Plan, the Government had entrusted MTDC with the management of 6 funds These funds provide support to local companies, helping them to enhance technology content, increase capacity, capability and competitiveness:


Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF)

TAF is established to facilitate eligible Malaysian companies in the acquisition of foreign technologies for immediate incorporation into the company’s manufacturing activity. TAF’s partial grant enables companies to avoid expensive and often risky technology development stages.


Commercialisation of R&D Fund (CRDF)
The CRDF provides added stimuli for the right innovation among Malaysian-owned companies, by providing partial grants to qualified R&D projects. These grants will enable full commercialization of home-grown R&D, developed by local universities/ research institutions or the private sector.


Halal Technology Development Fund (Halal Fund)
Halal Fund is specifically designed to finance and nurture SMEs’ companies for long term growth and export-driven through halal-compliant activities. The activities are diversified which include halal product developments, processes as well as services.


Business Startup Fund (BSF)
BSF is a zero-collateral financing assistance targeted at potentially scalable technology-based start-up companies to commercialise their products and/or services. The other key objective of the fund is also to support and encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of new technology-based businesses, particularly in the growth sectors of the economy. It is hoped that this will encourage innovation and enhance participation of new Malaysian-based technology companies in the local as well as international market.


Business Growth Fund (BGF)
The BGF is designed to bridge the financing gap between the early stage of commercialisation and venture capital financing for high technology companies.  The BGF also functions as a follow-on funding program capable to assist high-growth technology based companies to scale up and expand their business, preferably in the international market.


Business Expansion Fund (BEF)
The purpose of Bumiputera Expansion Fund (BEF) is to accelerate the expansion of Bumiputera technology-based companies by providing financial assistance to qualified companies.  The business expansion through BEF will also be complemented with existing value added services provided by MTDC to all its grant recipients.

Apart from the business expansion, it is seen that the fund would enable company to develop “commercial” value to make it attractive for follow-on financing by other financial institutions.The fund aims to create a group of icons of internationally successful Bumiputera companies which have received fundings and other assistance from the Government.



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