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No Gift Policy

Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) is committed to conduct its business in the highest standard of integrity and good governance.
The objectives of the No Gift Policy are to avoid a conflict of interest and demonstrate MTDC’s commitment to provide equal treatment to all individuals or organisations that we are in contact with for our business.In this regard, employees of MTDC shall not solicit or receive any gifts from current or potential vendors, agents and business partners, either directly or indirectly which may influence the employee’s judgement in a decision-making process or put the employees in a position of conflict.Employees are required to professionally inform current or potential vendors, agents and business partners of this No Gift Policy, and the reasons MTDC has adopted the No Gift Policy. Employees will request current or potential vendors, agents and business partners to respect MTDC’s No Gift Policy and not to purchase and deliver any gift for our employees, at any time, for any reason.
If an employee receives a gift:

  • If feasible, the gift is returned to the current or potential vendor, agent and business partner.
  • If not feasible to return the gift, the gift must be raffled off to all employees. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to charities that have been approved by MTDC. If employees are uninterested in the raffled item, the gift will be donated to the designated charities.
  • Plants or flowers will be displayed in the lobby, or at another central location where all employees may enjoy their presence.
  • Gifts of food that may arrive during the holidays, and at other times of the year when gift giving traditional, belong to the entire employees even if addressed to a single employee. Under no circumstances an employee may take a food gift home; food gifts must be shared with and distributed to all employees.

If any employee has questions about and / or needs clarification of any aspect of this No Gift Policy, the employee should check with his / her supervisor. If the supervisor is uncertain, Human Resources is the arbiter of the No Gift Policy to ensure consistent treatment across MTDC.
Any exceptions to the No Gift Policy may be made only with the permission of the Chief Executive Officer of MTDC.