August 1, 2023

What is the Internet of Behaviours (IoB)?

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) refers to the behavioural data analysis gathered from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sources, which then attempts to make effective use of it. This data is amassed through wearable technologies, individual online activities and household electrical devices, which can provide valuable information about the behaviour and interest of users.

With the help of both IoT and IoB, it has become possible now to track, gather, combine and interpret massive data generated via various online activities and personal behaviour, including social media behaviours and commercial transactions.

  • Importance of IoB

Undoubtedly, data has been important for businesses since the inception of the Internet. However, in 2021, IoB has been called one of the top technological trends. IoB emergence is providing more opportunities to collect data and analyse it. It allows businesses to continue their growth during challenging times especially during times of pandemic or recession.

Nevertheless, the main purpose of IoT is to collect, analyse, respond and understand all types of behaviours to improve customer/user experience. Other than that, behavioural data also helps businesses make more informed decisions and improve their service quality and value chain in the best possible way.

In contrast, psychology and marketing go side by side, even from the advertising stage. This way, businesses get new insights into the data that is collected by IoT. With IoB, businesses get a deeper understanding of their customers to help them keep the customers more satisfied.

  • How can IoB help?

Via big data, you can access information about your visitors from different points of contact. It will let you know the following, among others:

  • Knowing the point where the interest of your customer begins in the product or service;
  • Their journey to make a purchase; and
  • The methodology used to buy your service or product.

Knowing all these will help you create more touchpoints to engage with your customer positively. Ultimately, this personalisation will help you improve your service quality and efficiency in a more effective way. With increased service efficiency, more consumers will start to interact with your business.

Even more, IoB will continue to impact how business organisations interact with their prospects. IoB can even collect, process, and combine data from multiple sources such as:

  • Citizen data that are processed by government agencies;
  • Social media;
  • Customer data from the website; and
  • Location tracking.

As a result, with the application of IoB, businesses are not only improving the data they collect but are also able to combine data from different sources and use it.

  • Benefits of IoB
  • IoB can help businesses resolve issues in closing more sales and keep their customers highly satisfied.
  • It can help to replace multiple customer surveys, which are time-consuming for both customers and businesses.
  • IoB lets you analyse the behaviour of your prospects and their buying habits across different platforms.
  • It enables you to study unobtainable data about how your potential customers interact with your business, products, and services.
  • It even provides real-time notifications to your customers about any latest offering, point of sale or even target ads.

Advantages of IoB


IoB is able to revolve around behavioural data’s effective analysis and proper understanding, as well as to apply acquired knowledge to promote and create customised services and products.

For example, both Facebook and Google are using the behavioural data of their users to display advertisements to the people accordingly. This is helping businesses in getting connected to their potential audience as well as track their behaviours towards their ads via click-through rate.

Similarly, YouTube is also utilising behavioural analytics to improve the experience of its viewers. By tracking behavioural data, it recommends users’ videos and shows those which they may be more interested in. This will ultimately provide more value to both the businesses and the customers.


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