Board of Directors

Tan Sri Abd. Rahman Mamat



In maintaining our position at the forefront of innovation, we’ve had to continuously push boundaries, redefine norms and forge new paths in our industry. Hence, I invite you to explore with us a new world of groundbreaking solutions and pioneering ideas. Whether you’re a partner, client or simply an enthusiast of innovation, we extend our hand to you – to connect, to share a vision, to collaborate in a brighter future. Let us then progress together on this greater journey of discovery.

with gratitude,


Ts. Hj. Mohammad Hazani Hj. Hassan

Senior Management

Dr. Mohd Azman Zainul Abidin

Deputy CEO

Technology Ecosystem Development Business Division

Mariamah Daud


Group Corporate Strategy Division

Mohammad Farish Nizar Othman


Group Corporate Services Division

Tengku Nila Putri Tengku Ilham

Deputy Director

Technology Ecosystem Development Business Division

Nurliza Ramli

Deputy Director

Group People & Culture

Ts. Imran Ariff Ibrahim

Senior Vice President

Strategic Planning