Bateriku And Towme Asia Sign MoA To Enhance Vehicle Ownership Experience For Malaysians And Singaporeans Through Cross-border Partnership

Bateriku (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“Bateriku”) and Tow Me SG Pte. Ltd. (“TowMe Asia”) have officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to enhance Vehicle Ownership experience for more than 1 Million customers served under both company’s ecosystems. The cross-border partnership will provide seamless cross-border support including on-demand battery replacement, towing services, tyre replacement, fuel top-up and car lock out services for vehicle owners traveling to and fro Malaysia and Singapore respectively.

The signing ceremony took place earlier today at Bateriku Pitstop JB City, Johor Bahru which was attendedbybothcompany’s ecosystem partners including Bateriku Dealers (BPreneur), Bateriku Hero (BHero), workshop partners(BBuddy) and tow truck providers from TowMe Asia. With the shared objective of enhancing the Vehicle Ownership Experience vertical, Bateriku and TowMe Asia Have Joined forces to offer unparalleled connectivity, reliability, and convenience to their respective customers

This Collaboration marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry, enabling vehicle owners to receive comprehensive support when traveling between Malaysia and Singapore. Bateriku, Malaysia’s leading Connected Roadside Assistance Solutions Provider, has a remarkable track record of serving over 1 Million customers since its establishment in March 2014.

With a network of 150 pitstops nationwide, a24/7/365 Contact Centre, 1,000 BHero gig mobile technicians, 100 BPreneurs, and close to 3,000 workshoppartners, Bateriku ensures prompt assistance for vehicle breakdowns, offering peace of mind to stranded motorists acrossMalaysia. TowMe Asia, recognized as Singapore’s go-to platform for hassle-free towing and recovery services, has gained trust of Singaporeans with its user-friendly mobile application. TowMe Asia subscribers in need can request immediate towing assistance, and TowMe Asia promptly dispatches professional teams to their location, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of their vehicles
Chong Wen Hong, General Manager Sales B2C of PLMMSB, said, “This partnership denotes a significant milestone for both PETRONAS AutoExpert and Bateriku.com. We are unwavering in our commitment to harness Bateriku.com’s extensive network, digital prowess, and customer base to fuel and uphold the onward growth of PETRONAS AutoExpert. Underscoring our promise to make your everyday life simpler and better, our customers will experience an unprecedented level of service, convenience, and value-added benefits through this alliance.”
Through this cross-border partnership, Bateriku and TowMe Asia will deliver an extensive range of ConnectedRoadside Assistance Solutions, including 24/7/365 contact center and after-sales support, to over 1 Million Vehicle Owners traveling between more than 1,000 Kilometers between both countries. This collaboration aims to foster convenience, peace of mind, and an unparalleled level of service for customers on both sides of the border. According to the CEO of Bateriku Azarol Faizi, “On average, 145,000 cars travel across the border on a dailybasis.
Cross-border partnership is an initiative that we believe will benefit both Malaysians and Singaporeans vehicle owners as this partnership offers on-demand connected roadside assistance solutions no matter your location. Weare thrilled to join hands with TOW ME to offer seamless cross-border support for vehicle owners.” The partnership will also see Tow Me become Bateriku’s official product supplier : ASTRA, an automotive product range that supplies full-range battery products and fast-moving products including wipers and brake pads to the Singapore market.
According to the CEO of TowMe Asia, Jeremy Yeo, : “By partnering with Bateriku, we aim to create a truly connected experience for our customers, ensuring that they receive reliable assistance no matter where their journeys take them. Our customer base visits Malaysia almost on a weekly basis to Johor and 70% of them conduct group convoys to attractive destinations in Malaysia particularly to the Northern part of Malaysia, all the way to Thailand. With This Collaboration, we can assure our customers to have a peace of mind throughout their journey.” The signing of the MoA between Bateriku and TowMe Asia marks the beginning of a new era in the automotive industry, as both companies strive to elevate the Vehicle Ownership Experience and redefine the standards of service excellence.

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