MTDC News – 2020

/MTDC News - 2020

MTDC, Unimas meterai MoU bagi pertukaran pengetahuan, pengalaman dalam Industri 4.0

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 SEPT -Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) pada Rabu menandatanganiMoU tersebut merupakan sebagai perkongsian strategik kedua-dua pihak dalam bidang teknologi, keusahawanan, khidmat nasihat, perintis pelajar dan pekerjaan siswazah terutama dalam bidang teknologi i4.0.

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Dr Adham: Focus must be given on B40, M40 entrepreneurs involved in digital economy

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 14): The government needs to give focus, among others, on entrepreneurs from the bottom per cent (B40) and middle per cent (M40) income groups who conduct innovation and digital economy-based activities in order to increase their quality of life amid the Covid-19 pandemic challenges.

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Techcare Innovation Empowering Stroke Recovery with I4.0 Robotic Technology

STROKE is the leading cause of disability worldwide with 14.5 million stroke cases every year (WHO). A STROKE causes damage to our brain cells and robs us of mobility that we take for granted. Bending our fingers is effortless but not for a stroke patient who requires so much determination and motor coordination.

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Biogenes – home-grown diagnostic kit maker hits major milestones

BY DR MAHALETCHUMY ARUJANAN & SAARANI VENGADESEN  THE pandemic changed a company’s playing field from developing aptamers or synthetic antibodies for animal healthcare to biosensors for Covid-19. What is unique is these aptamers are not designed in the wet laboratories but using computer modelling that could be downloaded by anyone and printed for validation in wet [...]

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